unReality is an interactive video remixing machine. It allows participants to manipulate live television; reversing a traditionally one-way media discharge. Individuals or a group working together are encouraged to sample and rearrange images through a nostalgically tactile process. Switching between channels on a television allows them to sample from a massive palate of clips and colours;reappropriating and remixing the signal to produces original works of art. unReality was conceived and produced over 2 weeks at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center. It was shown as part of "Double Take", a group show which ran for three weeks during the summer in the new york gallery. The installation involved several white fa├žades that were constructed at various sizes. Each one depicted a television and acted as a station at which participants could select and manipulate the material they needed to produce their final works of art. A large poster was also designed for the show. It served two purposes; to display the name of the piece, the artist and collaborators involved; it also conveyed a sort of step-by-step instruction for how to best interact with the piece.