randomly in its place

Randomly In Its Place is a multi-screen, interactive installation that aims to facilitate a degree of emotional healing for the users of the Critical Care Unit Waiting Room at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

Part of the complete re-design of the C.C.U. Waiting Room, called for the development and installation of a customized and immersive artwork that would provided a therapeutic and calm setting for worried family members and friends. It was meant to help them cope with their anxiety while waiting for a loved ones under critical care.

The visual elements and motions are generated through a custom built software system that utilizes tracking data collected from a series of sensor devices installed within the waiting room. The software engine discretely encourages the users to think positively.The technologies and techniques remain non-intrusive, to avoid creating any sense of feeling manipulated. It was important that users not feel as though they were part of some game.