google input tools

Expensive Shit was asked to produce a spot to help introduce a new software tool that allows users to type into Google products in their own native language. A combination of traditional and stop-motion animation is combined with live-action animation to tell the story of three words which are hard to describe in English.
Directed by: Josh Raskin; Design by: Alex Kurina Illustration by: James Braithwaite; Animated by: Josh Raskin; Sound by: Finlay Braithwaite; Camera by: Jamie McMahon & Zach Cox; Voices: Zhu Zhu, Jasvir Nagra & John Ioannidis; Hands: Rose Broadbent, Joseph Murray, Gurjeet Bassi, Alex Kurina, Josh Raskin, Mahmood Popal, Lodewijk Vos & Lauren Pirie; Client: Google Inc; Product: Google Input Tools; Client Executives: Alice Lin & Andrew Warren; Produced by: Studio G @ Google; Creative director, writer: David Bryant; Studio G Producer: Christine Allen; With help from: Lisa Young, Ryan V. Hays, Mono Ahn, Kate Kwon, Jenalle Los, Graham Beasley, Regina Gupta & Rodrigo Marti; Special thanks: Tom Kuo, Angelina Liang, Vivian Suk Ying Ng, Andrew Chiu, Sameer Farooq, Andres Landau, Kevin Konarzewski, Dan Turcotte, Arv Slabosevicius, Steve Wilson, Danielle Hession, Justin Broadbent, This American Life & the internet